Is it Wrong to Brag?

By: hecticmompics

Jul 23 2010

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Focal Length:6.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot G11

202/365 – Ok… So, yeah, this is a braggart post. I’ll admit, I’m extremely competitve. I always have been. However, I don’t really classify myself as a “BATON MOM.” I’ve seen those. Those moms who scream and yell at their kids for dropping the baton. I never want to be that. We’ve always let Prissy decide how much she wanted to practice, if she wanted to twirl, and really figure out her own path. So – as far as expectations go – we did expect that Prissy would probably be in the top 10 in most events, and even in the top 5 in her “strong” event. But, in no way did we expect her to place the way she did. She rocked it – and twirled amazingly well. So – yes, if she hadn’t made it to the “super” finals – we would still be incredibly proud of her. It’s really scary to get up in front of all those judges and cameras and people with grace and confidence. But, I also can’t say that this medal isn’t super cool and something to brag about. 🙂


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